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so a while ago the keyboard on my laptop was broken. it's made it really irritating to try to do any work on this computer. but I finally figured out that I can install speech recognition  ... or rather set up speech recognition ... on this computer. so now I'm trying to use speech recognition to write this entry, and it's working pretty well. it's not very good with punctuation, but all the whole entirely satisfying.

right now I'm watching house. I  really liked this season premiere in the institution but I was kind of like how can an institution be like that .... wouldn't there be more people like house there?

anyway I don't really have anything actual to say and it's kind of hard to think and use the speech recognition at the same time. I did want to say That the stress thing at work has gotten a lot better. the Celexa that my mom gave me has worked pretty well. I am also getting more used to it at work and to the people there. today I spent the whole day working on a pretty complicated word press installation and I really liked doing that. it was actually a good day.

I have also been trying to get more involved in art scene here. I've been going to galleries and art walks / open studios, and last week that met with volunteer coordinator for a community art charity here. she was pretty great. I also went to  a social media panel last week. one of the speakers talked about the software that the company I work at  makes and it turned out that he's involved in an organization that connects artists with board positions and businesses in Calgary. I hope I'll be able to get involved in that because it sounds fun .

O. K. I  think that had enough dictating for one night. I am pretty impressed, I am must say.

Veil Musings

I just wanted to get these veil musings out.

Since book five I have been very bothered by the Veil. Not necessarily what it is -- I always thought that it was a gateway to the land of the dead was something we could probably assume.

Instead there are two things that bother me:
  1. Why was it in an amphitheatre
  2. Why didn't Harry obsess over this, like he did the mirror or the death stone?
The first one isn't a big issue -- apparently it wasn't an execution chamber, and I just can't think of why it would be easy to study an object in an amphitheatre like that. You would think a lab would work better, unless the veil is supposed to be like a podium where the dead give guest-lectures at the ministry, which would be awesome. But I don't think it's likely, so it seems silly to have it in an amphitheatre to me.

The second question is the one that drives me up the wall because it seems so illogical. Both Harry and Dumbledore, who are arguably the two main characters, are obessed with deaths in their families. Both have exhibited weakness to the idea that they could communicate with the dead, whether something as static as watching their images in the Mirror of Erised or as hopeless as dragging them back with the death stone.  And the veil, and Sirius' entry into it, was very sudden and very unlike any other death we've seen. Since Harry doesn't know what the veil is exactly, why would he accept that Sirius had died? He seems to think of it as the same as if Sirisu had been avada kedavra'd, which he can't have been because he didn't die as soon as the curse hit. No, Bella's curse threw him off balance; it didn't kill him. And since Harry can hear the voices of the dead, and is obviously upset with the deaths in his life to the extent that he obsesses about other means of contacting them ... why does he just dismiss the veil? I don't think he should have gone back there, but I do think it's illogical for him to have assumed that there's nothing there for him, or that Sirius is dead in the normal way. I think Hermione or Dumbledore should have talked him out of it -- or he should have just put it off until after killing Voldemort and after his use of the death stone and trip to King's Cross I don't think he would have wanted to go back, but before that?

I wouldn't even be surprised if Dumbledore had created the veil -- apparently it is sort of like the death stone, except the death stone brings them back without the archway. And Dumbledore so easily did something so foolish for the prospect of contact with the dead. It just makes no sense at all that Harry would glom on to the mirror and stone and ignore the most concrete way of contacting the dead he's ever seen! I wouldn't have been surprised if Harry had wanted to pull an ariadne, tie a string around his waist and walk in!

That just seems like such a huge characterization hole. I have trouble dealing with it. Maybe that has contributed to my hatred of OOTP.
I don't know how long it's going to take me to write this entry or why I'm doing it really.  but. (note: apparently at least2.5 months)

I'm back in Calgary now -- inlaws and my dad came around my birthday to help Ryan and I move home. It's definitely strange being back. I miss the people I met in Vancouver -- I was just really getting to know them well because we spend the last four months working like crazy on the grad show.

I have lots of pictures of art and things to show, but I'm too lazy right now.

I'm working. doing web design but it's stressful -- just did my first site design for a client, of course it wasn't the mockup that was picked, instead they went with an orange thing I didn't like at all compared to what I did. But I can always repurpose it later. I haven't made it through my probation, but it's been so stressful I would still be choked if I get booted in a month, but at least I would have some time off.

I've been reading a lot lately. Last thing I read was Ferney by James Long. It was fine. I liked the premise more than the characters -- but there was enough science to it that it bothered me that Long ignored the whole issues of memories and learning actually changing your brain physically. I don't know much about it, but I think I've read that as you learn new things, your brain changes, more pathways are made between neurons and stuff. So how could would it be possible physically to transfer memories from one life to another? And how is it logical that she only remembered being female in most of the book? I suppose they normally pick babies of the sex they feel most comfortable as but will pick one of the opposite gender if necessary. I guess they might sort of have a choice about it sometimes.

Sorry, that wasn't coherent.

I saw Half Blood Prince today; now I'm going to reread it. But I wonder if I should start with DH to reread. I haven't made it through the last three a second time.


Ah life

I wanted to post about my art this semester but then the semester happened, haha.

I think I'll do a recap when I have a chance. Which will probably fall around April17th. I will be back in Calgary on one of the days between the 30th of April and 2nd of May, and I would like to have a Small Birthday Get Together with whomever is in town. Sound OK?

Layout! Clouds.

Posting a layout for the non-competitve layout challenge. I hope this works out.

Title: Clouds


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